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Managing the resupply of high mountain huts requires vehicles that combine power, load capacity, and agility. The compact dimensions of Caron transporters combined with their extraordinary performance make them the ideal vehicles for working in complete safety in even the most inaccessible places. It is no accident that they are chosen for mountain huts in some of the most fascinating locations in the Dolomites.

High mountain huts and hotels

High mountain huts and hotels require easy and safe transport of supplies and equipment. Caron vehicles are distinguished by their compact dimensions, power, high load capacity, and agility, all fundamental qualities for negotiating steep narrow mountain paths and mule tracks, often the only way for safely transporting the necessary supplies to high-altitude huts.

Rifugio Garibaldi – Stelvio Pass, altitude 2845 m.
Rifugio Pian di Cengia – Pian di Cengia, altitude 2525 m.
Monte Rosa Glacier.