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The extraordinary versatility of Caron transporters in outdoor applications also make them ideal for the so-called civil sector. These include the wide variety of routine and extraordinary maintenance operations that municipalities and companies have to carry out throughout the year. Seasonal set-ups, industrial applications, sewage disposal, green area maintenance, and fire-fighting services are just some examples of Caron vehicles demonstrating their effectiveness.

Company set-ups

The many available versions can satisfy any requirement in terms of space, load capacity, and power. These range from the most compact articulated vehicles, like the AR Series with a minimum width of 124 cm for negotiating mule tracks and narrow city centre alleys, to large transporters with trailers for total weights of up to 24 tonnes.

Companies can choose and customise their ideal vehicles in terms of size, load capacity, and fittings for both restricted environments like old town centres, or environments with greater freedom of movement where other criteria have to be taken into account, like industrial construction sites, large building lots, or infrastructure projects such as roads and underground facilities.

Transporter CT110S equipped with hydraulic crane.

AR Series, up to 1900 kg capacity in just 124 cm wide.

Transporter CT110S with sewage disposal equipment.

Transporter CT110S, fitted with loader and sludge grapple.

Transporter with hydraulic demounting system.

Transporter with 6000 kg trailer, available up to 14,000 kg.

    Versatility and cutting-edge technology

    One of the key set-ups in this area of application is undoubtedly a crane: all Caron range transporters can be fitted with various models of hydraulic cranes and aerial platforms, configured as required.

    Transporter CTK80, hydraulic crane set-up with jib.

    Transporter CT80S, hydraulic crane set-up.

    Transporter CT110S, hydraulic crane set-up.

    Transporter CTK80, equipped with an aerial platform extending up to 30 metres.

    Transporter CT80M, hydraulic crane set-up with basket.

      Seasonal equipment for municipalities and companies

      Caron provides flexible and efficient solutions for companies, municipalities, and other public bodies (forestry commission and civil defence). The universal chassis, the front fixing plate, and different hydraulic versions enable mounting of a wide variety of equipment for a range of uses including winter road service, construction sites, road maintenance, and fire-fighting services.

      Special attention is dedicated to winter service, with Caron offering municipalities and companies a wide range of models from the most compact, suitable for clearing narrow city centre streets, to the most powerful, capable of opening even the steepest roads with ease. Universal couplings and lever or joystick hydraulic system controls make it possible to equip vehicles with straight or V-vehicles and salt spreaders.

      Transporter CT110S with V snow plough.

      CTK140M transporter with V snow plough and salt spreader.

      C series transporter equipped with strimmer arm.

      Transporter equipped for fire-fighting.

      Transporter C70 with straight snow plough.

        Compact vehicles

        No path or alleyway is beyond the AR/ST Series: Caron’s single-seat transporter is the most compact in its class, in widths down to just 124 cm in the articulated version. Compact dimensions and lightness are matched with the versatility of fittings, excellent manoeuvrability, and great performance that characterise all Caron transporters. Engines are available from 25 to 68 hp for payloads of up to 3000 kg, satisfying the requirements of every context and sector from agriculture and grape cultivation, to construction and municipal services.

        AR 100 and 300 series, up to 1900 kg load capacity in just 124 cm.

        AR100 series in narrow version for footpath maintenance.

        AR300 series in the narrow 124 cm wide version.

        AR300 series in the narrow 124 cm wide version.