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Agile Sprayer SERIES

68 HP

5,000 kg

3,100 kg payload

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Caron’s Agile Sprayer Series transporters represent an innovative solution, further expanding a range of vehicles already well-known for their efficiency, performance, and reliability. An innovation founded on the principles of practicality, economy, safety, flexibility, and improved soil care.

The transporter’s centralized tank configuration is extremely practical, improving balance and manoeuvrability compared to traditional tractors with sprayers mounted on three-point linkages, or towed. The approved total weight is up to 5,000 kg enabling installation of tanks from 1,000 to 2,000 litres, significantly reducing the time and fuel consumption required for refilling with water, optimising hourly output. The category 4-certified pressurised cab ensures maximum operator protection against breathing harmful dust and aerosols.

The Agile Sprayer Series can also be fitted with a variety of interchangeable devices, including a loading bed, making it a multi-purpose vehicle throughout farm production cycles, season by season and year after year.


The AR (articulated) version features hydraulic steering on the central articulation. Compared to the steering wheel version, it provides a reduced turning radius with the rear wheels following the tracks of the front wheels. AR tractors are highly manoeuvrable and ideal for working in limited spaces and narrow passages. Available in different widths and wheel bases. The Agile Sprayer series is also available in a narrow version down to 124 cm in width.


  • Agile Sprayer

    With sprayer unit mounted on interchangeable frame, central 1,000 L tank, and tower delivery unit with Ø 80 mm fan. 2 or 4 sector electrical controls and digital pressure indicator inside the cab. Optional hydraulic rotation for fan unit. Complete with hose reel, stainless steel tool box, and series of support feet. This version can be customised on request with tanks of up to 2,000 litres and different spraying units.
  • Dumping bed

    Three-side dumping body with hydraulic control and support feet, available in various sizes, with reinforced base, tubular sidewalls and cab protection grid.



A category 4-certified pressurised cab provides maximum protection for operators against breathing harmful dust and aerosols.
The standard seat is sprung and adjustable, with seat belts. The agricultural tractor can be fitted with a Grammer seat with mechanical suspension.
The silent-block driving platform suspension system isolates operators from the engine and other mechanical components, reducing vibration and noise to a minimum. This gives a comfortable ride on any terrain, without sacrificing performance and stability.
In addition to the standard halogen headlights with LED daytime lights, four additional LED work lights and a rotating beacon can be added.
The display provides all the necessary information for correct vehicle operation.

Mechanical structure

The greatest strength of Caron vehicles is the in-house manufacture of all their key components, with a special focus on the fundamentally important gearbox. In addition, there is a choice of state-of-art engines from leading brands, guaranteeing the power and efficiency of all the transporters.
The Agile Sprayer Series transporter is equipped with a 4-speed synchronised gearbox for 24 speeds, 16 forward and 8 reverse, for a maximum of 40 km/h.
The Agile Sprayer transporter has rigid front and rear axles with disengageable four-wheel drive and rear differential lock. The integrated linear central articulation keeps the four wheels in constant contact with the ground even on the roughest terrain.
Hydraulic dual-circuit service brakes Ø 290 mm (with floating ‘mini-servo’ pads for the AR 790 model) acting on all 4 wheels. Mechanical parking brake acting on rear wheels.

The Agile Sprayer series is equipped with a VM R753ISE5, 3-cylinder engine. Common-rail turbo intercooler, 2.2 L, water-cooled, 50 kW (68 hp), Stage V.


Already exceptional with standard fittings, it can be customised with numerous optional extras

Protection roll bar

The roll bar is approved for roll protection.

Rear differential lock


24-speed synchronised gearbox (16+8)

Gearbox with 4 synchronised gears and 24 speeds, 16 forward and 8 reverse.

Dumping body

Hydraulic three-side dumping body available in different sizes, with reinforced base, tubular sidewalls, and cab protection grid.

Disengage front wheel drive


Digital/analogue display

The display provides all the necessary information for correct vehicle operation.

Mechanical parking brake on rear wheels

Mechanical parking brake acting on rear wheels.

LED daytime lights

LED daytime lights for improved vehicle visibility.

Battery disconnect

Battery disconnect for rest periods.

Closed cab with doors, pressurised, category 4

Air-conditioned pressurised and certified in category 4 cab to protect operators from breathing harmful dust and aerosols.

2-Lever hydraulic distributor

2-Lever hydraulic distributor with 3 quick couplings behind the seat.

LED work lights

Additional LED work lights.

Rear towing hook - AR

Rear towing hook approved for trailers with or without brakes.

Independent hydraulic system with 30 L tank


Rotating beacon

Magnetic rotating beacon

Sprayer system with 1000 to 2000 L tank


Rear tool-carrier

Detachable rear two-piston hydraulic tool carrier with three-point connection, suitable for transporting equipment like cranes, forestry loaders, winches, log splitters, etc.

Rear 540/1000 rpm power take-off

Standard 2-speed rear power take-off (540/1000 rpm)

Seat with mechanical spring suspension

Adjustable eco-leather seat with mechanical spring suspension, complete with seat belt.


Wheels and tyres

10.0/75-15.3 Tractor

10.0/75-15.3 tyres with tractor tread

10.0/75-15.3 Industrial

10.0/75-15.3 tyres with industrial tread.

280/70 R16 Garden

280/70 R16 tyres with garden tread.

280/70 R16 Tractor

280/70 R16 tyres with tractor tread.

Twin rear wheels 6.50-16

Twin wheels 6.50x16 with quick-release coupling on the rear axle, can be combined with 10.0/75-15.3 wheels.

Twin rear wheels 7.00/16

Twin wheels 7.00x16 with quick coupling on the rear axle, can be combined with 280/70 R16 or 31x15.50-15 wheels.

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        Vehicle model: Agile Sprayer SERIES


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          CHS SYSTEM

          The double wish bone triangle suspension system, designed for the CT-S Series, combines the best off-road handling qualities with excellent on-road performance, providing easy transport for any load over all types of terrain, even when the vehicle set-up includes overhanging equipment.