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75 – 136 HP

8,500 KG

5,300 KG

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The CTK-M Series completes the range of two-seater compact cab transporters. Small dimensions and high performance combine with on-road speed and comfort thanks to an independent double coil mechanical spring suspension system.

The CTK-M Series has an approved total weight of 8,500 kg, allowing it to transport loads or equipment up to 5,300 kg, combined with a maximum towing capacity of up to 14,000 kg. The engines are all latest generation 4-cylinder common-rail designs delivering power from 75 to 136 hp. Approved as agricultural tractors with a maximum speed of 40, 50, or 60 km/h, they are also available in 4-wheel steering versions, and with the Agilematic automatic gearbox designed and constructed in-house by Caron.


The Universal Version of the CTK-M Series transporter ensures very wide customisation options and maximum versatility in fittings, satisfying the needs of diverse sectors. In its basic set-up, it has a universal chassis and quick couplings for fitted equipment. Choice of 3 wheelbase variants 2600, 2800, and 3000 mm, independent central PTO at 540/1000 rpm, and independent PTOs with upper and/or lower output on the rear axle. Various hydraulic versions are available for operating different equipment, with lever or joystick controls, and outlets in front of and behind the cab. The Universal Version of the CTK-M Series transporter can also be supplied with the three-side dumping body on a demountable subchassis.
The Italy Version CTK-M Series transporter satisfies the needs of various sectors, with excellent performance even in high mountain environments. The basic version comes with a three-sided dumping body and is available in two wheelbases and loading bed sizes: 2600 mm wheelbase with 2800x1720x400 dumping body, or 2800 mm wheelbase with 3160x1720x400 dumping body. Different hydraulic versions are available for various attachments, with lever or joystick controls and outlets at the front and rear of the cab, and the standard 540 rpm rear PTO.


  • Forestry Set-up

    The transporter is ideal for use in forestry, with various customisation options. The forestry loader can be mounted in a central or rear position, on a removable platform or fixed to the reinforced chassis. The loading body can also be adapted to the operator’s needs. The transporter can be set up with rear tool carriers and tow hooks for transporting equipment like forestry winches, bio-shredders, and chippers.
  • Agricultural Set-up

    Thanks to perfect weight balancing, low centre of gravity, and high load capacity, Caron transporters can operate safely in places otherwise inaccessible to conventional agricultural vehicles with trailers or towed equipment. Diverse configurations of hydraulic versions and power take-offs offer a wide variety of set-ups, fitted with equipment like hay loading wagons, slurry spreaders, and manure spreaders, interchangeable with loading beds designed for different transport needs.
  • Industrial Set-up

    The extraordinarily versatile transporter is also perfect for use in the industrial sector, offering a wide range of customisation options for companies in the construction, civil services, and landscaping sectors, choosing equipment according to needs: hydraulic cranes, aerial platforms, strimmer arms, hydraulic hook modules, and sewage disposal systems are just a few examples of the tools that can be fitted.
  • Municipal Set-up

    The reliability and versatility of Caron transporters are highly appreciated by municipal service operators, who use the vehicles for summer and winter maintenance, material handling at construction sites or municipal depots, and other special purposes. The three-sided dumping bed, hydraulic lever or joystick control system, and front tool fixing plate for fitting various devices according to user needs, ensures a wide range of services from a single vehicle.



The cab is fitted with doors, opening rear window, and heating system. On-road comfort is guaranteed by the hydraulic silent-block system. Also available with air conditioning.
The standard seats are fabric covered, adjustable, with mechanical suspension and seat belts. Optional: Grammer seats with high back and mechanical or pneumatic suspension, heated and with wide adjustment ranges.
Halogen headlights fitted as standard. Optional additional roof lights (snowplough version). Version available with full LED headlights and additional roof lights (work light version).
The 7″ touchscreen colour display provides operators with all the necessary information for correct vehicle operation and maintenance in a clear and intuitive format.

Mechanical structure

The greatest strength of Caron vehicles is the in-house manufacture of all their key components, with a special focus on the fundamentally important gearbox. In addition, there is a choice of state-of-art engines from leading brands, guaranteeing the power and efficiency of all the transporters.
The CTK-M Series transporter is equipped with a 6-speed, 24-speed gearbox, 12 forward and 12 reverse, with synchronised reverse shuttle, maximum speed 40, 50, or 60 km/h. Optionals: 36 Gears with synchronised hi-low. Agilematic gearbox also available.
The CTK-M Series transporter has axles with independent mechanical suspension, electro-hydraulic controls for disengaging the four-wheel drive and engaging the front and rear differential locks. The integrated linear central articulation keeps the four wheels in constant contact with the ground even on the roughest terrain.
The turning radius is small thanks to the wide steering angle of over 40°. The CTK-M Series transporter is also available in a 4-wheel steering version, with circle or crab mode, for maximum manoeuvrability.
Hydraulic dual-circuit service brakes acting on all 4 wheels, with ∅ 315 mm self-adjusting floating pads and servo brakes. Spring loaded parking brake acting on the rear wheels with progressive hydraulic modulator control.

The CTK 140 M is equipped with a VM R754EU6EH, 4-cylinder engine. Common-rail turbo intercooler, 3 L, water-cooled, 100 kW (136 hp), Euro 6.

The CTK 80 M model is equipped with a VM R754ISE5, 4-cylinder engine. Common-rail turbo intercooler, 3 L, water-cooled, 55 kW (75 hp), Stage V.

The CTK 77 M model is equipped with a Kohler KDI2504TCR, 4-cylinder engine. Common-rail turbo intercooler 2.5 L, water-cooled, 55 kW (75 hp), Stage V.


Already exceptional with standard fittings, it can be customised with numerous optional extras

Tool box

Tool box located under the loading bed.

Digital touchscreen display

The 7-inch digital touchscreen display provides all the necessary information for correct vehicle operation and maintenance.

Rear window

Sliding cab rear window.

Hydraulic parking brake

Spring loaded parking brake with progressive hydraulic modulator on the rear wheels, automatic four-wheel drive engagement for maximum grip.

Rear tow hook

Rear tow hook approved for trailers up to 6,000 kg (optional hydraulic or pneumatic braking system for towing up to 14,000 kg).

Hydraulic cooling plant

Oil cooling circle for the gearbox and planetary reduction gears during heavy and continuous works.

Adjustable steering column

Steering column manually adjustable in height and angle.

Reductions gears

Ductil cast iron axles with final planetary reduction gears

Cobo fabric seats with mechanical spring suspension

Cobo fabric seats with adjustable seat and backrest, and mechanical spring suspension

Battery disconnect

Battery disconnect for rest periods.

Vehicle radio

DAB vehicle radio with mp3 player and USB input.

Agilematic gearbox

Agilematic automatic and sequential gearbox.

LED headlights

Full LED headlights, also available with additional cab roof lights (work lights version).

Magnetic retarder brake

3-Stage power electromagnetic retarder brake with control on the steering wheel.

Rotating beacon

Magnetic rotating beacon

Front tool fixing plate

Front tool fixing plate with DIN B group 3 coupling.

Independent central 540/1000 rpm power take-off

Central power take-off with independent 2-speed hydraulic clutch (540/1000 rpm), with electro-hydraulic control.

Rear 540 rpm power take-off

Standard 540 rpm rear power take-off with electro-hydraulic control.

Rear power take-offs

Power take-offs with independent hydraulic clutch, upper output at 540/1000 rpm and/or lower output at 540 rpm on rear axle with electro-hydraulic control.

Grammer seats with mechanical spring suspension

Grammer seats with high back and mechanical spring suspension, with wide adjustment ranges.

Grammer seats with air cushioning and heating

Grammer seats with high backrest, pneumatic suspension, wide adjustment ranges, and heating.

Hydraulic versions

Different hydraulic versions available with lever or joystick controls for 3, 4, or 5 elements, quick couplings in front of and/or behind the cab.

4-wheel steering version

4-wheel steering version for maximum manoeuvrability in circle and crab mode.


Wheels and tyres

425/55 R17 Tractor

425/55 R17 tyres with tractor tread.


15.0/55-17 tyres with tractor tread.

15.5/55 R18

15.5/55 R18 (385/55 R18) tyres with industrial tread.

265/70 R19.5 Road

265/70 R19.5 tyres with road tread.

285/70 R19.5 Road

285/75 R19.5 tyres with road tread.

440/50 R17 All Ground

440/50 R17 tyres with all ground tread.

Twin rear wheels 280/70 R18

Twin wheels 280/70 R18 with quick-release coupling on the rear axle.

Twin wheels 7.50/16

Twin wheels 7.50x16 with quick coupling on the front and/or rear axle.

Twin rear wheels 7.50x18

Twin wheels 7.50x18 with quick-release coupling on the rear axle.

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      Vehicle model: CTK-M SERIES

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        Vehicle model: CTK-M SERIES


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          CHS SYSTEM

          The double wish bone triangle suspension system, designed for the CT-S Series, combines the best off-road handling qualities with excellent on-road performance, providing easy transport for any load over all types of terrain, even when the vehicle set-up includes overhanging equipment.